File Viewer Lite

File Viewer Lite

Light and reliable file viewer with support for more than 150 file formats
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File Viewer Lite is a light and free tool that will allow you to open, browse, and view more than 150 types of files. The list includes all the best-known text-based documents, spreadsheets, image files, audio files, video files, camera RAW images, font files, Web files, etc. The program not only displays the full contents of the selected file, but also any detailed and format-specific information stored in it.

You can browse for files from within the program or simply drag and drop any file onto its main window to open it. At this point, two things can happen. If the file format is natively supported by File Viewer Lite, you will be presented with its contents right away. If on the contrary, that file format is not supported, you can still take a look at it in either text mode or hexadecimal mode. As a bonus, you can also view the icon associated with that type of file in various sizes. Either way, you’ll always be presented with whatever metadata is included in the selected file, as well as format-specific information regarding the file in question, such as the EXIF data of a JPEG file or the author of a PDF document.

Being a file viewer, the things you can do with the various types of documents are limited. Basically, natively-supported document files can be read and printed, while audio and video files can be played back using the program’s built-in media player. Image files, however, support a certain level of editing. Thus, you can crop, resize, or add a frame or border to the selected image, perform various color adjustments, and even apply basic image effects to it, such as blur, emboss, lens, morphing filters, etc. Note that the saving option is disabled in this Lite version of the program, which means that all modifications will be lost as soon as you close the file or the program’s interface.

File Viewer Lite will save you the trouble of installing and opening as many viewing tools and windows as file types you wish to read, view, watch, or listen to. This light and resource-friendly tool will do the job for most, if not all, of your documents, images, and media files.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wide range of file formats supported.
  • Opens text- and image-based files.
  • Supports audio and video files.
  • Text and hexadecimal views.
  • Image editing features.
  • Displays detailed information specific to each file format


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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